In the Bear's Library

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In the Bear's Library

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All Lucas really wants is to buy a piece of raspberry pie, but he gets lost in the old town of St Gallen. Thanks to Rahel, he discovers the Abbey Library of St Gall, where he meets Notker Balbulus, Otmar, Wiborada and Gallus. Lucas finds out how the city of St Gallen came into being and that it is not important where you come from, but what you do with your life.


64 pages, English
published in 2019



Genre: Freundschaft, Hefte bei Antolin, Natur / Umwelt / Biologie, Schule, Tiere, Vorstufentexte, Winter

Autor/Autorin: Gabrielle Alioth / translated by Lucretia Jacomet with Simon Froehling / postscript: Cornel Dora

Illustration: Patricia Keller

ISBN: 978-3-7269-0196-7

Ab 11 Jahren

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