Serafina's Birthday

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Serafina's Birthday

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It's Serafina's birthday. Sarah the Squirrel has a present for her. On the way to Serafina's, Sarah is joined by some other animals, including Florian the Fox. Everyone gets a fright, because you never know what a fox is up to...

For crafting: You can make the animals in the story using the paper cut-outs in the centre of the book.

20 pages, english
2021 (Artikel-Nr. 2655) in six other linguistic versions: French (2660), Italian (2659), German (2648) and in the Rhaeto-Romanic idioms Puter (2658), Vallader (2657) und Sursilvan (2656)


Genre: Basteln /Spiele/Theater, Freundschaft, Tiere, Vorstufentexte

Autor/Autorin: Doris Lecher

Illustration: Doris Lecher, translated by Rachel McNicholl

ISBN: 978-3-7269-0238-4

Ab 6 Jahren

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